Before Your Visit

Here are some general guidelines to help you and your family prepare for your visit to the Surgery Center of Lynchburg. Please view our Patient Privacy Policy before your visit.

  • Be prepared to bring your driver’s license and insurance card(s) with you.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to your surgery.
  • Call your surgeon if you develop a cold, fever or respiratory problem prior to surgery.
  • If you take any new medications prior to your surgery, please notify your doctor immediately.
  • For your own comfort, we suggest you wear loose-fitting clothes and slip-on shoes.
  • Complete your on-line assessment or come by the center prior to your surgery date. Feel free to call us if you have any questions: 434.947.7700

Day of Surgery

Please help us ensure that your time with us is as smooth and simple as possible.

  • Bathe or shower the morning of your surgery to minimize the chance of infection.
  • Women should remove all make-up and nail polish.
  • Arrive one hour prior to your scheduled surgery time. This will allow adequate time for all necessary admission procedures.
  • Please bring your co-pay (check, cash or credit card), and leave all other valuables at home, including wallet and jewelry.
  • Due to space limitations, please limit visitors to two per patient.
  • If your child is having surgery, feel free to bring a favorite stuffed toy or security blanket for added reassurance.
  • Do not smoke immediately before or after receiving an anesthetic. Smoking may interfere with the anesthetic and frequently produces nausea during the recovery period.
  • Your surgeon will provide post operative instructions regarding diet, rest and medications.
  • Please arrange for someone to drive you home following the surgery and to stay at home with you for a day.